Send a postcard to the Provost and let him know why we should #BringThemIn

Written by Kate Geller, Communications Officer, UCL Unison

The community from across UCL has been showing their support for the #BringThemIn Campaign by sending the Provost postcards explaining why they think it’s important to have all our colleagues directly employed by UCL.

Members and activists of UNISON UCL branch have been fighting as part of the #BringThemIn campaign for staff employed on outsourced contracts to be brought in house and be offered the same employment benefits as directly employed staff. Currently outsourced workers are not given the same sick pay, holiday entitlements, pensions, overtime benefits and parental leave as colleagues employed by UCL. UCL UNISON believes this is unfair and unjust, and demands that UCL end these unfair outsourced contracts and give all their staff the dignity they deserve.

The UCL community has been coming out in the hundreds to support this campaign through writing postcards to the Provost, Professor Michael Arthur, and letting him know that we care! One supporter wrote, “It is crucial that cleaners, catering and security staff get back in house, without their contribution UCL wouldn’t be where it is now – they are the reason why the university is ranked one of the top of the country. It’s shameful for such a renounced institution to save money on the work of its employee”.

Image of a postcard with a message

Another supporter of the campiagn wrote, “they are a huge part that make what UCL is! All their dedication, commitment to, and care for, students and staff should entitle them to have the same terms and conditions as those directly employed”.

Image of a postcard

These postcards can either be put in internal mail to get to the Provost or are delivered directly to the Provosts office by UNISON for him to hear how the university he leads feels about the unfair treatment of staff at UCL. On Tuesday 1st October, 2019 our committee members Kate Geller, Communications Officer and Jacqueline Sheehan, Branch Secretary delivered the first batch of hundreds of postcards directly to his office.

Kate Geller and Jaq Sheenan outside Provost's office

If you’d like to send a postcard and let the provost know how you feel contact any of our directly employed or out-sourced UNISON reps to get a copy. Or if you’d rather you can sign our petition and show you care!

The next protest in support of the #BringThemIn campaign is on Tuesday 17th October, 13:00 – 15:00 in the UCL Main Quad.