Send a postcard to the Provost and let him know why we should #BringThemIn

The community from across UCL has been showing their support for the #BringThemIn Campaign by sending the Provost postcards explaining why they think it’s important to have all our colleagues directly employed by UCL.

UNISON Report: Gender equality and dignity for females at work in Higher Education regarding menstruation needs

Written by Michelle Jarvis, Education Officer, UNISON Background Overview In the United Kingdom the taboo regarding menstruation and the stigma that affects women and trans men is breaking down. UK Governments, media, work places and communities are openly debating that females in education are unfairly impacted by period poverty. This is the inability to afford sanitary […]

Securing Flexible Working at UCL

Written by Kate Geller, Communications Officer, UCL UNISON We noticed that Grade 6 staff and below were not being offered flexible working at the same rates as staff on higher pay grades in our teams. Looking at the nature and similarities in our work, we thought we also deserved the opportunity to work from home […]

Response to ‘Stonewall is stifling academia’ letter to the Sunday Times

UNISON and our branch are proud to welcome all trans colleagues as comrades and partners in the fight against injustice in the workplace and outside of it. I call on the signatories of the letter to engage with the trans community, to hear their plight, and to work to include all people who are used to being excluded due to their identity.

UNISON Success: AEDs at UCL

Until now it has not been UCL policy to provide AEDs, although a few departments have bought them independently. Thanks to UNISON negotiating this at the H&S committee UCL has now agreed to buy 30 AEDs for buildings around the Bloomsbury campus.

BACK IN HOUSE: Insourcing at UCL!

UNISON have submitted a claim to enter negotiations with UCL to bring all cleaning, catering and security staff in UCL back in house under the same conditions as directly employed UCL staff.

#BringThemIn! Sign our petition

UCL’s senior leadership team will be deciding on the future of outsourced workers over the next few weeks. Please help us put pressure on them to make the right decision by signing our petition.